Natural Oils, Powders & Homeopathics

Herbal Products for Pregnancy

What you put into and on your body before, during, and after pregnancy matters. We have collected natural oils, powders, and homeopathic remedies that look after you and your baby’s health and wellness. In His Hands offers a wide selection of herbal products for prenatal, pregnancy, and postpartum needs. We’ve got natural pregnancy skin care products, muscle-soothing ointments and salves, and vitamin-rich supplements, all made from natural ingredients.

Many of our herbal supplements for pregnancy are also suitable for those with skin sensitivities to fragrance and other allergens. Using herbal products for pregnancy gives you a more holistic approach to your pregnancy care routine. Explore our selection of plant-powered tinctures, oils, and homeopathic remedies and enjoy the many benefits of natural products.