Hemocue Analyzer & 100 Microcuvettes

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Point-Of-Care Hemoglobin Analyzer.

The HemoCue Hb 201+ system is smaller than its predecessor and offers the same benefits - simplicity, speed and a small sample volume together with laboratory precision and accuracy.   

The HemoCue® Hb 201+ whole blood system provides quick, simple and reliable quantitative hemoglobin results with the same performance as a large hematology analyzer.

Dual-wavelength photometers correct for lipemia, leukocytosis and other sources of turbidity. Any blood source (capillary, venous or arterial) can be used.

The break-resistant, disposable cuvette collects the exact amount of blood and mixes the sample with the reagents automatically.

The unit requires just 10μL of sample. Results appear on the display screen in less than one minute.

The analyzer performs an internal electronic self test to verify the performance of the optronic unit when it is turned on, and repeats the test every second hour if it remains on.

Each unit is factory calibrated using the ICSH reference method.

Range: 0 to 25.6g/dL.

Accuracy: ±1.5%.

Dimensions (HxWxD): 3.35" x 6.3" x 1.69" (85 x 160 x 43mm).

Power requirements: AC adapter or internal batteries (included).

Weight: 0.77 lb (0.35kg).

CLIA waived. 

Includes 100 Microcuvettes testing cards

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