Wishgarden Tinctures

WishGarden tinctures provide you with soaks, ointments, and herbal remedies for every stage of pregnancy, from prenatal to postpartum. They are natural self-care tools that soothe and assist, keeping you and your baby happy and healthy. In His Hands offers a range of WishGarden herbal tinctures to explore and try.

Our most popular WishGarden tincture, Afterease, is a well-known aid for relieving postpartum pains. Tend to plugged ducts and other lactating issues with a mix of elderflower, yarrow aerials, and red root in a herbal lactation support tincture. Rebalance postpartum hormones with hormonal droplets. There are lots of herbs, oils, and natural remedies that cater to various prenatal and postpartum needs. Shop WishGarden tinctures with In His Hands and use the power of herbs to support you through your pregnancy experience.