Unistik TinyTouch Heel Incision Device

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Unistik TinyTouch Heel Lancet by Owen Mumford. Full-Term. 

Depth: 1.0mm Length: 2.5mm

Tiny feet can offer big challenges when it comes to neonatal capillary testing. Unistik TinyTouch Heel Incision Device is designed to deliver quality blood sampling with reduced pain and discomfort, for happier babies and healthcare workers.

Better Results

Sweeping motion blade designed to ensure:

  • Smoother, more precise incision
  • Less discomfort and pain
  • Ample blood sample

Easy to Use

Contoured, ergonomic design provides:

  • Versatile grips for ease of use
  • Alignment guides to ensure precise placement
  • Color-coded body for easy size identification

Safely Protects

Meets OSHA and NCCLS guidelines, featuring:

  • Permanently retractable blade
  • Quick-release sterility cap to prevent accidental incisions •
  • Shallow blade depth meets infant safety standards

Because Tiny Feet Deserve a TinyTouch


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