The Fresh Test Glucose Test Beverage

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The Fresh Test is a cucumber + mint lemonade that's not only refreshing and light but it can also serve as a standard 50-gram glucose beverage for the gestational diabetes test.  A natural glucose product that’s healthy for you & your baby. 

The ingredients are pure and clean to ensure that it's safe for you and your baby. The recipe includes purified water, organic cucumber, non-gmo glucose, organic lemon and organic mint. These ingredients not only offer nutrients but they can also ease nausea often associated with pregnancy.  The Fresh Test is free from harmful dyes, artificial flavoring, GMOs, Sodium Benzoates, BVO, BPA, and other preservatives.

Glucose load tests are performed at 24 - 28 weeks gestation. This recipe is equivalent to a standard 50-gram glucola used for diabetes screening.

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The Fresh Test is a natural 50-gram glucose beverage for the screening of gestational diabetes mellitus. It is made with three simple ingredients – Non-GMO Glucose, Crystalized Lemon and Organic Mint. The product is non-GMO, gluten free and void of artificial flavors, artificial dyes and unnecessary preservatives. Nearly 100% of women enjoy the taste, greatly improving your patient's experience.

The Fresh Test is FDA Registered as a standard 50-gram glucose beverage, and it is laboratory tested to be exactly equivalent to traditional glucola. The Fresh Test is meant to be mixed with 10 ounces of water and consumed one hour prior to a plasma glucose test.


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