Redeeming Childbirth

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Redeeming Childbirth is a wonderful book by a mother of 6 about God's beautiful plan for women in childbearing. Every Christian pregnant mom should read this book! Be prepared to be inspired and encouraged in your walk with the Lord during this unique time of life. 

Reviews ~

"Childbirth is more than an event that makes a woman a mother. This journey was designed to be a spiritual milestone that draws every woman’s heart back to the only Deliverer. Angie Tolpin has honored all of us by giving the world a book that guides, inspires, explores and reconsiders that there is a Grand Design in childbirth. Redeeming Childbirth honors God’s Word and speaks truth that families can and should remember His presence in the birth room.” ~Barbara Harper, RN, CLD, CCE

“Angie casts a beautiful vision for making Christ the center of your pregnancy and childbirth. Shedding light on areas of frequent idolatry in our own birth plans, Angie calls out the disunity amongst Christian sisters over birth methods. Through her own birth stories and those of others, Angie shows how God can be glorified in hospital rooms and birthing centers as well as home-births." ~Gretchen Louise, editor at Young Ladies Christian Fellowship

“Redeeming Childbirth is a much-needed blessing for families and churches. I long for the day when I can buy a stack of this book, ready to bless each new expectant mother with what she really needs: encouragement from a sweet friend, spiritual wisdom, and guidance to trust in God." ~Ann Dunagan, author

354 pages, softcover

Angie describes herself as an ordinary stay-at-home-mom with an extra-ordinary God. Her personal life is busy raising her six children, running a small farm and hobby vineyard. She is a homebirth & waterbirth mom. 

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