Oasis Oval Water Birth Pool

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Size: 64” x 50” x 24”

Capacity  110 gallons

  • Made with 0.38mm thick Eco Vinyl plastic 
  • Freeze protected to - 20 degrees.
  • Anti-Slip textured pool top & floor
  • 2” inflated floor
  • Maximum water depth lines.
  • Large one-way air valves for quick inflating and deflating

This pool does not include a liner, we recommend purchasing this one with the pool: Small Oasis Generic Pool Liner

This pool is warrantied to arrive in good condition. Please do not leave this pool in cold temperatures. 

Please read instructions carefully prior to inflating pool. Pools must be warmed to 70 degrees prior to
unfolding and inflating to prevent damage to pool. Please allow the pool to warm in its vinyl bag for 72 hours.

Please inflate the pool after acclimatization to check for defects and contact us if there are any problems with your pool. This pool is warrantied for 1 birth.  


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