New Birth Kit Setup

We have a custom birth kit service that we offer to midwives and birth centers.  We will maintain your custom birth kit list on our website and your clients can order their birth kit directly from our website. 

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  • Allows you to focus on your clients and building your practice instead of spending time sourcing birth supplies.
  • Offers a customizable landing page on our site for your birth kit.
  • Allows your customers to easily purchase your kit and have it shipped directly to their home.
  • Kits can be modified online which allows customers to remove or add items they already have or need.
  • Provides an "Optional Items" section where optional items can be listed and added by the client.

What to chat? 

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Getting started  

To get started setting your custom kit please fill out the form below. We will follow up with you by email as soon as your kit is setup for you to review and make any changes you need.