Midwifery Supplies

Provide the best care for your mothers and babies with essential midwifery supplies. In His Hands offers a wide selection of midwife tools and equipment to assist you before, during, and after a birth. Stay safe and prepared with personal protective equipment and educational resources. Prepare your delivery, labor, and prenatal spaces with underpads, gloves, and IV supplies. Stock up on some necessities for post-delivery care, from scales and slings to infant hats. We have midwifery supplies for every midwife and labor space to meet prenatal, birth, and post-delivery needs. Get your midwife essentials with In His Hands.

  • Sharps Disposable Container - Quart size


    Sharps Disposable Container - Quart size

  • LED Underwater Flashlight

    LED Underwater Flashlight


    3 reviews

  • AimStrip US-2 Urine Strip

    AimStrip US-2 Urine Strip

  • Rubber Tourniquet

    Rubber Tourniquet


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  • Urispec 11 Urine Strips

    Urispec 11 Urine Strips


    3 reviews

  • Filter Needle, 20 Ga. x 1.5" by Braun


    Filter Needle, 20 Ga. x 1.5" by Braun

  • Out of Stock
    AimStrip US-5B Urine Strip

    AimStrip US-5B Urine Strip