Maternal Physical Exam: Part II, The Pelvic Exam

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Maternal Physical Exam for the Student Midwife:

Part II, The Pelvic Exam

This Two-Disc DVD set is a comprehensive learning tool which includes the various aspects of pelvic examination. Original illustrations of obstetrical anatomy will help you understand the female internal reproductive organs as well as the external genitalia. 

This is a valuable learning opportunity for midwives and students wanting to improve their ability and confidence as they do exams that involve: visualization of the external genitalia, palpation of the internal reproductive organs, internal, bimanual, rectal, speculum exams and pelvimetry, PAP and other cultures and collections.  Respectful and detailed demonstrations by instructors of the pertinent information include: preparation, setup and procedure for collection of cultures from the cervix and surrounding tissues.

1 hour, 57 minutes. 

DVD’s are in NTSC format (playable in the US, Canada, and other countries).



1) Supplies - Swap Collection Process

2) Female Genitalia

3) Female Reproductive Organs

4) Visualization of external Genitalia

5) Digital exam

6) Speculum Exam

7) Vaginal Cultures and Swabs

8) Pap Test

9) Pelvimetry

10) Bimanual Exam - signs of pregnancy from the bimanual exam

11) Rectal Exam - Rectovaginal exam

Featuring instruction by: Charlene Campbell, BSM, MSM, LM, CPM. 

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