Maternal Physical Exam for the Student Midwife: Part I

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Maternal Physical Exam for the Student Midwife, Part I

This Two-Disc DVD set includes step by step instruction by Licensed and Registered Midwives of over 20 aspects of the maternal physical examination, including: palpation of the thyroid, lymph nodes, breasts, and abdomen as well as the exams of the heart, lungs, extremities, and head. You will learn how to set up your equipment and become knowledgeable in Leopold’s maneuvers, fundal height measurement, correct procedure for taking fetal heart tones! 

This  DVD set has original colorful illustrations of obstetrical anatomy and detailed descriptions by the various instructors of the pertinent information with live demonstrations and examples on pregnant women in a midwifery clinic! This also includes role play that illustrates to the student midwife skills such as, communicating with the client in a way that reflects informed choice and other aspects of the midwifery model of care. It is a comprehensive learning tool for students who are beginning or CPM's who want to brush up on the details of the maternal physical examination. 

Disc 1: 2 hours, 17 minutes

Disc 2: 1 hour, 40 minutes

DVD’s are in NTSC format (playable in the US, Canada, and other countries).

 DVD 1:

Introduction - Why the physical exam, establishing a baseline & supplies

1) General Appearance

2) Blood Draw

3) Urinalysis

4) Temperature - mercury, digital, handheld

5) Maternal Pulse - Radial, Carotid, Apical

6) Blood Pressure

7) Head Exam - Facial/neck lymph nodes, Mouth/Throat

8) Thyroid Exam

9) Eye Exam

10) Ear Exam

11) Nose/Sinus Exam

12) Breast/Lymph Exam - Self Breast Exam

13) Heart Exam

14) Lung Exam

15) Abdominal Exam - Liver, Spleen, Bowels

16) DVAT (Costal VErtebral Angle Tenderness)

17) Spine

18) Upper & Lower extremities - Varicosities, Edema, Pitting

19) Reflexes

20) Clonus

DVD 2:

21) Skin

22) Leopold's Maneuvers

23) Fetal Heart Tones - Doppler, Fetascope, Pinard Horn

24) Fundal Height Measurement

25) Digital Exam - vaginal wall strength

26) Bimanual Exam

27) Inguinal Nodes

28) Live Examples of Maternal Exams in a Prenatel Clinic

29) Live Birth - Home VBAC

Featuring instruction by: Charlene Campbell, BSM, MSM, LM, CPM. 

View video samples below. 

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