Mama Otter Water Birth Accessory Kit

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Mama Otter Water Birth Accessory Kit

Planning to have a waterbirth? If you already have an inflatable pool to use, here are some accessories that might be helpful. 

Mama Otter Waterbirth Accessory Kit

  • Air Inflation Pump - an air pump to inflate the pool.
  • Filling Hose - 25 ft. drinking water grade hose to fill the pool.
  • Small Net - to easily remove any birth debris from the water.
  • Pool Drain Pump - submersible water pump to easily empty the pool (vinyl drain hose not included, the Filling Hose can be used) 
  • Floating Duckie Thermometer - take away the guesswork about the water being warm enough for baby's arrival. 
  • Generic Pool Liner - this one-size-fits-all liner will fit all major birth pools. A large plastic "pocket" that fits over the birth pool, it keeps the pool fresh and clean for use again. 


Original Total: $114.59

Savings with Kit Price: $108