La Bassine Professional Birth Pool

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Professional Grade Pool - 30% stronger then the regular La Bassine Pool.  Same size pool as the La Bassine personal version, just stronger and built for repeated usage. Designed for midwives and birth centers.  Warrantied for 10 Uses or 1 Year.  

No liner is included.

External - 65" x 53" x 28"
Internal  - 50" x 38" x 26" 

Oval Shape

A 118 gallons gives you the perfect water depth. 


Made 0.60mm Vinyl ~ 30% stronger then our regular La Bassine 

Eco-friendly vinyl - no phthalates, lead or cadmium


LA BASSINE'S soft sides and inflatable 3" floor provides wonderful comfort.

Carrying Case

LA BASSINE comes with its own carrying case and repair kit.


Note: This pool is dropshipped from the west coast and will take 2-6 business days to arrive. 


Care and Inflation Instructions: 

Per manufacture recommendations please allow your pool to warm to room temperature for up to 72 hours before unfolding and inflating.

We recommend that you test inflate your pool once soon after receiving it to check for any potential leaks.

Please contact In His Hands regarding a damaged or leaking pool within 1 week after receiving it to qualify for a refund/replacement.  Thank you!

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