La Bassine Maxi Birth Pool

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La Bassine Maxi Birth Pool

Strong, comfortable and fast inflation.

75" x 65" x 28"  external dimensions

57" x 46" x 25" internal dimensions

Holds 165 gallons at 80% full


  • Cocoon like shape enhances the sense of privacy and induces deep relaxation.
  • Deep, 3" inflated floor, to give the extra comfort needed during active birth positions such as kneeling and squatting.
  • Transparent sides, to give midwives good visibility from outside the pool.
  • Perfect water depth that fully covers without being too deep that you feel insecure.
  • Four solid internal handles, perfectly placed, Use to assist in position changes, or to grab on to while pushing.
  • Two top handles for assistance when getting in and out of the pool.
  • Maxi pool has three separate chambers. If one chamber were punctured, water would be retained by the other two.
  • Eco-Friendly Vinyl - Highly durable vinyl (0.45mm thick) that does not contain, any phthalates, lead or cadmium so often used in plastic production.
  • Quality and Durability - Made with Super-Strong Vinyl, each pool is factory tested to ensure that it has no defects.
  • Warrantied for 10 Uses.  
  • This pool does not include the custom La Bassine Maxi liner, we offer it separately here
Note: This pool is shipped from the west coast and will take 2-7 business days to reach most U.S. locations. Thank you for understanding.

Care and Inflation Instructions: 

Per manufacture recommendations please allow your pool to warm to room temperature for up to 72 hours before unfolding and inflating.

We recommend that you test inflate your pool once soon after receiving it to check for any potential leaks.

Please contact In His Hands regarding a damaged or leaking pool within 1 week after receiving it to qualify for a refund/replacement.  Thank you!

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    Fantastic pool for comfy birthing

    Posted by Jessica Mooney on 22nd Nov 2014

    My husband inflated the pool as I began having regular contractions about 5 minutes apart. He said once you figure out how to inflate it, it didn't take that long. The pool is larger than I was expecting. I am 5'3" and when sitting inside of it, the walls were slightly taller than my head and lengthwise was at least a foot longer than the length of my legs outstretched. The first thing I noticed was how cushiony the bottom was. It felt like I was sitting on a marshmallow. It was great because I ended up delivering on my hands and knees in the pool with no discomfort at all in regards to the pool. The handles are nice for assisting yourself in and out of the pool. It's not too difficult to get out after birth, either. Afterwards, cleanup was a breeze, with the hose, some dishsoap, a rag, lysol, air dry (while inflated). You could probably even have your husband in the pool with you with some room left inside to move around. You really can't go wrong with this pool. Cost friendly, spacious, comfortable, handles, easy clean up, and it comes with a storage bag. When it's put away it doesn't take up much space... A+ in my book!!!