Holistic Midwifery Volume 2, Second Edition

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Holistic Midwifery - A comprehensive textbook for midwives in hombirth practice. 

Volume 2, Second Edition - Care during Labor and Birth

Author: Anne Frye, CPM

This is the latest edition of this, now classic, text.  There are a number of revisions that focus on clinical care, with particular emphasis on the latest material on neonatal resuscitation, assisting breech births and dealing with shoulder dystocia, among other additions.

Volume II covers fetal and maternal anatomy relevant to labor and birth; the Cardinal Spiraling Movements of Birth (including summaries of all 8 formal positions for vertex, face, brow and breech presentations) attending both straightforward and complex labors, as well as well-baby and high risk newborn support and transport procedures. 

Printed on acid-free paper and has a high-quality wrapped and sewn binding, the best binding you can get.

Contains 1400 pages of text on labor and birth and over 1000 illustrations.

Foreword by Elizabeth Davis, CPM
Introduction by Robbie Davis-Floyd, PhD.
Illustrated by Rhonda Baker

8 x 10 format, paperback.

ISBN 13: 978-1-891145-64-7







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