Elite 200 Doppler

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Please note, this is a special order item and will take 1-2 weeks to arrive.  Thank you!

The Elite Doppler is an ultrasound device used to detect the fetal heartbeat of an unborn baby.  

Yields excellent acoustic sensitivity and incredibly clear, static-free sound into a compact, pocket-sized package.

Features broad-beam technology, making it very easy to find and lock onto the signal of interest.

Probe technology has been tested in obstetric applications for years and is effective in 
detecting fetal heartbeats as early as 8 weeks in most pregnancies

The Elite 200 comes complete with earpiece, battery, carrying case and your choice of flexible options:


This doppler comes with a 5 year parts and 1 year labor warranty by the manufacturer.

Heart-rate display – digital readout using accurate detection technique

Waterproof probe – for underwater use while speaker is dry, ADD $75

Rechargeable battery – 9-volt rechargeable battery with charger, ADD $75

**Note: This device is a prescription medical device as defined by the FDA and can only be sold to licensed medical practitioners. Licensure information will be required to process all orders. Please contact us if you have further questions.**

To buy this product you must be licensed to attain and use the product in the state you practice in.  Please submit your licensure information in the comments section when checking out.  Thank you!

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