Cod Liver Oil, 8 ounce

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8 ounce bottle. With dropper. 

Pure, virgin cod liver oil, straight from Norway!  No contaminants, no additives.  A rich source of vitamin A, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids.

But, vitamin D, while important, needs to be balanced with vitamin A for optimal absorption and use in the body.

We also need more omega-3s for brain health and antioxidant power.

What contains all of these things, in nature’s perfect package? Cod liver oil!

This Earthley Wellness cod liver oil is sourced directly from Norway. The fish are caught in a safe, healthy area and the livers are pressed for oil immediately. The result is an oil that’s light in color, rich in nutrients, and low in contaminants.

Pure, Norwegian cod liver oil.

Each 1/2 tsp. dose contains approximately:

  • 100 IU Vitamin D
  • 1750 IU Vitamin A
  • 300 mg EPA
  • 400 mg DHA

Suggested Usage

Kids 0 – 6: 1/4 tsp. per day

Ages 7 – adult: 1/2 tsp. per day

**Please refrigerate after opening**

Shelf Life: 1 year. Safe for all ages.  Refrigerate after opening.

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