Birth & Baby

Birth & Newborn Baby Supplies

The arrival of a baby isn’t the final destination of a pregnancy journey. After welcoming the world’s latest adorable addition, there is still much to get done, along with the postpartum healing process. Get ready to welcome a baby with our birth and newborn baby supplies. In His Hands offers lots of newborn essentials for mothers and babies.

We have baby bulb syringes, umbilical cord clamping and management items, and measuring tapes for post-delivery tasks. For recovering mothers, we offer energy chews, postpartum snack packages, and commemorative keepsake birth certificates. We also sell many items for the newborns themselves, from infant hats to diaper balms and pacifiers. Shop for various newborn baby and birth supplies with In His Hands.

  • Plastic Cord Clamp


    Plastic Cord Clamp


    8 reviews

  • 2oz. Bulb Syringe


    2oz. Bulb Syringe


    7 reviews

  • Infant Paper Tape Measure

    Infant Paper Tape Measure


    1 review

  • Infant Hat

    Infant Hat


    6 reviews

  • Cetro Cord Band

    Cetro Cord Band


    5 reviews

  • Commemorative Keepsake Birth Certificate

    Commemorative Keepsake Birth Certificate


    17 reviews

  • Olive Oil, 4 ounce bottle

    Olive Oil, 4 ounce bottle


    2 reviews

  • 3oz. Bulb Syringe

    3oz. Bulb Syringe


    1 review

  • Bedpan




    1 review

  • Cetro Cord Band, latex free

    Cetro Cord Band, latex free


    3 reviews

  • Emesis Waste Bag


    Emesis Waste Bag


    1 review

  • Infant Hat - White, Pink or Blue

    Infant Hat - White, Pink or Blue


    2 reviews