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  • Tenderfoot Lancet
    Tenderfoot Lancet
    Fully automated heel incision device for newborn blood sampling.   Sterile Depth: 1mm Length: 2.5mm Available individually or by the box of 50. 
  • NeatNick Heel Lancet
    NeatNick Heel Lancet
    Sweeping Action Heel Lancet, for full-term babies.   
  • Gentleheel Lancet
    Gentleheel Lancet
    Tri-level blade generates a smoother, sharper, less traumatic incision.Unique cutting action provides a more consistent incision.Hardened stainless steel blade improves the accuracy of the incision depth...
  • Quikheel™  Lancet
    Quikheel™ Lancet
    Quikheel™ Lancet 2.5mm Depth 1mm Depth  By BD Microtainer® BD, Quikheel and Microtainer trademarks are property of Becton, Dickinson and Company...
  • Heel Warmer
    Heel Warmer
    Increases blood flow to infant's heel area, minimizing potential bruising, infection or cartilage damage caused by frequent heel sticks from blood tests. Specially designed gel pack conforms gently to infant's heel-activates...
  • BD Microtainer® Lancet
    BD Microtainer® Lancet
    2.0 mm x 1.5 mm depth range For Capillary Blood Collection Activates on contact when positioned and pressed against the skin Allows for easier sampling and covers a small area at contact point, which improves visibility of...
  • Blood Lancet
    Blood Lancet
    Stainless steel and individually wrapped. For taking finger tip blood samples. Sterile.  Available individually, by the pack of 10 or box of 200. 
  • TechLite Lancets
    TechLite Lancets
    TechLite Lancets, 25 gauge. Compatible with most lancing devices.  Box of 100.
  • Lancet Device
    Lancet Device
    Select Lite. Compact design, highly portable. Simple to use. Adjustable depth dial for less pain. Works with most general use lancets.

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