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For Mom

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Essentials for Mom for before and after birth.  

  • Herbal Afterbirth Bath
    Herbal Afterbirth Bath
    12 ounces. Makes 3-4 baths per bag. This Herbal Bath can be used to aid in healing of Mom's tissues and baby's cord after birth. Ingredients:  Comfrey Leaf Lavender Flowers Shepherd's Purse Uva Ursi...
  • Mother's Milk Tea
    Mother's Milk Tea
    By Traditional Medicinals. USDA Organic, all herbal ingredients, caffeine free. Organic Mother's milk promotes healthy lactation and is traditionally used to increase breastmilk production. This traditional combination of...
  • Raspberry Leaf Tea
    Raspberry Leaf Tea
    By Traditional Medicinals. USDA Organic, all herbal ingredients, caffeine free. Organic Raspberry Leaf tea supports the female system by aiding healthy menstruation as well as toning the uterus. European and Native...
  • Recharge Energy Drink with electrolytes, 32 ounce
    Recharge Energy Drink with electrolytes, 32 ounce
    Recharge® Sports Drink is made with R.W. Knudsen Family® brand fruit juice without added sugar or artificial flavors or colors. An all natural sports drink  Made without artificial...
  • Pregnancy Tea
    Pregnancy Tea
    By Traditional Medicinals. USDA Organic, all herbal ingredients, caffeine free. Organic Pregnancy Tea supports a healthy pregnancy by combining herbs used by women in Europe and North America to tone uterine muscles,...
  • 65 cm size
    Birth and fitness ball
    Ideal for use during labor and as an excercising tool during and after pregnancy! Available in 55cm (22 inch), 65cm (26 inch) and 75cm (29 inch) sizes Durable Anti-Burst Exercise Gym Ball. Made from EU approved...
  • Soothies
    Gel pads. For breastfeeding mothers, soothes and relieves sore nipples. Contains 2 gel pads.  Cooling relief on contact Absorbent gel helps prevent leakage Reusable for up to 72 hours ...
  • Fridet - The MomWasher
    Fridet - The MomWasher
    Overview Fridet the MomWasher is a peri bottle specially designed to make your post-delivery healing process cleaner and easier, so you’re back to baby faster! Ingeniously designed to be held upside down Narrow...
  • Original
    Burts Bees Lip Balm
    Net wt. 0.15 oz, (4.25 g). 100% natural  Original Beeswax Lip Balm 100% natural, with Vitamin  E & Peppermint, .15 oz The original. Conditions skin, while antioxidant Vitamin E...
  • Clif Bloks Energy Chews
    Clif Bloks Energy Chews
    Quick electrolyte and energy boost for laboring moms Helpful for moms who cannot handle liquids, but need nourishment  Certified organic Strawberry flavor 2.12 ounces per packet. Ingredients: Organic Tapioca...
  • Floradix Floravital Iron + Herbs, 17 ounce
    Floradix Floravital Iron + Herbs, 17 ounce
    Vegetarian liquid formula.  Rich in iron and B-vitamins.  17 Fluid Ounces. (500 mL).  Recommended for mothers who have low iron levels.  Easily absorbed Non-constipating Yeast + gluten-free Made in...
  • Big Belly Balm
    Big Belly Balm
    By Equinox Botanicals. 2 fluid ounces.  Pamper your growing body with this rich emolient, lightly scented with lavender and rose essential oils. Big Belly Balm will help prevent stretch marks naturally while...
  • Vitamin Code RAW Prenatal Vitamins (180 count)
    Vitamin Code RAW Prenatal Vitamins (180 count)
    $62.95 $45.50
    Vitamin Code®   RAW Prenatal™ 180 capsules Vitamin Code RAW Prenatal is a comprehensive, whole-food multi-nutrient formula, specifically formulated to meet the unique needs of women during...
  • CUBĀ® Support
    CUBĀ® Support
    The Comfortable Upright Birth (CUB®) is much more than a Birth Stool!  It is the only SUPPORT you’ll ever need. The CUB is a comfortable, versatile, inflatable support designed to help mothers adopt and...
  • Healthy Cycle Tea
    Healthy Cycle Tea
    (Formerly Female Toner) By Traditional Medicinals. 16 wrapped tea bags. Based on the traditional combination of raspberry and nettle, with other complementary herbs like angelica root, blessed thistle and cramp bark,...
  • Mama Bird Labor Pamper Kit
    Mama Bird Labor Pamper Kit
    As you put together your toolbox for natural pain relief and comfort during your birth, this kit may have some helpful items. Many of these things are great to have around the house after birth, too.  Mama Bird Labor...
  •  Floral Womb Print
    Floral Womb Print
    This beautiful watercolor floral womb print is matted in a clear white frame. This would make a wonderful gift for a preceptor, apprentice, or as a client gift for your midwife. Limited quantity available.  Does not...
  • Dr. Formulated Probiotics Once Daily Prenatal
    Dr. Formulated Probiotics Once Daily Prenatal
    Dr. Formulated Probiotics Once Daily Prenatal  Shelf Stable - 30 Vegetarian Capsules 16 Strains—20 Billion CFU—Prenatal Probiotics Clinically Studied Probiotic L. rhamnosus HN001 115mg Organic...
  • Mama Bear Breastfeeding Kit
    Mama Bear Breastfeeding Kit
    Looking for some natural tools to help you breastfeed successfully? This kit is designed for you.  Mama Bear Breastfeeding Kit Mother’s Milk Tea - organic tea full of herbs that help with milk...

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