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For Baby

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  • Infant Hat
    Infant Hat
    100% unbleached cotton, 2-ply. Also available in bags of 50.
  • Deluxe Footprinter
    Deluxe Footprinter
    Deluxe Footprinter. Kleen-print design keeps ink off of the baby foot or mothers finger. Provides 3 ink sections (two newborn feet and one for mother's finger).  Available individually or by the box of 25...
  • Newborn T-Shirt
    Newborn T-Shirt
    "I am special", "I was born at home" Newborn T-shirt. Available in Pink, Blue and White. For Newborn 0-3 months.  
  • Infant Hat - White, Pink or Blue
    Infant Hat - White, Pink or Blue
    100% cotton. Available in White, Blue or Pink. Buy in bulk by the bag of 25 and SAVE!
  • Lansinoh Breast Cream
    Lansinoh Breast Cream
    .25 oz (7 grams). Soothes, heals and protects sore cracked nipples 100% Lansinoh HPA Lanolin - (ultra pure, medical grade, USP-modified lanolin) Safe for mom & baby 100% natural - world's purest lanolin Does not need to...
  • Dr. Bronner's Baby Soap
    Dr. Bronner's Baby Soap
    A pure and unscented castile soap that contains no fragrance so is great for people who have allergies or sensitive skin. Of course it is great for babies as well. All oils and essential oils are certified organic to...
  • Baby Blanket
    Baby Blanket
    36" X 30". Finished with an overlock stitch. Pink and blue pattern.     
  • Mechanical Hanging Scale
    Mechanical Hanging Scale
    Mechanical Hanging Scale for Baby By Chatillon. Available in 12lb or 15lb capacities. The 12lb is measured in 2oz increments and the 15lb is measured in 4oz increments. Made of durable steel
  • Medela Nipple Shield
    Medela Nipple Shield
    by Medela. Extra Small -16mm Small - 20mm Medium - 24mm
  • Baby Care Starter Kit by Weleda
    Baby Care Starter Kit by Weleda
    Easy travel natural baby care.  This natural baby gift has everything you need to keep baby clean, protected, soft, nurtured and happy from head to toe. The Weleda Baby Starter Kit is a carefully formulated selection of...
  • Newborn Diapers - Seventh Generation
    Newborn Diapers - Seventh Generation
    Newborn size, up to 10 lbs. 36 diapers.  Seventh Generation chlorine-free unbleached baby diapers are a natural choice when you want the best for your baby. Multiple sizing options, a stretchy back gather, a snug fit...
  • Calendula Baby Body Cream by Weleda
    Calendula Baby Body Cream by Weleda
    Intensively nourishes and protects dry and sensitive skin A rich, protective cream, made with organic calendula and chamomile that intensively nourishes dry areas of baby’s skin. Calendula Body Cream nourishes and...
  • Adtemp Temple Touch Thermometer
    Adtemp Temple Touch Thermometer
    The Adtemp Temple Touch Thermometer provides an accurate 6 second non-invasive temperature reading at the forehead making it ideal for pediatric patients. The cost effective design makes it ideal for institutional use...
  • Deluxe Infant Hat
    Deluxe Infant Hat
    Deluxe infant hat with pom-pom 
  • Baby Powder by Country Comfort
    Baby Powder by Country Comfort
    Baby Powder by Country Comfort, 3 oz bottle.
  • Calendula Diaper Rash Cream
    Calendula Diaper Rash Cream
    Baby’s diaper rash gets instant relief with this barrier-forming natural diaper rash cream. It’s gentle, effective relief and protection for delicate skin that’s tender from a distressing diaper rash. This...
  • Baby Cream by Country Comfort
    Baby Cream by Country Comfort
    Baby Cream by Country Comfort, 2 oz.
  • Unscented Baby Wipes
    Unscented.  May come in a pack of 72 or 100.   Packaging and branding may vary  
  • Baby Oil Country Comfort
    Baby Oil Country Comfort
    Sweet smelling baby massage oil, 4 ounces Ingredients: Pure oils of safflower, sweet almond, olive, jojoba, vitamin E, orange & rosemary,
  • Baby Soap
    Baby Soap
    Weleda Baby Soap, 3.5 ounces
  • Phisoderm
    8 ounces
  • Print-A-Foot™ Rigid Footprinter
    Print-A-Foot™ Rigid Footprinter
    Print-A-Foot™ Rigid Footprinter  ***  NEW PRODUCT  *** Top-of-the-line stability with convenient handling Easy handling for accurate prints Rigid plastic designed for maximum stability and pressure...
  • Safety Pins, dozen
    Safety Pins, dozen
    Metal, size 3. Multi-purpose. Sold by the dozen.
  • Baby Shampoo and Body Wash
    Baby Shampoo and Body Wash
    By Weleda. Tender formulation with organic calendula extract gently cleanses and makes baby hair easy to comb. Almond oil helps prevent dryness.  Extra gentle on the eyes.  8.6 fluid ounces...
  • Baby Oil Weleda
    Baby Oil Weleda
    Baby Oil, by Weleda, 6.5 oz.
    Doctor invented and recommended. Made in Sweden, NoseFrida is your go-to natural, hygienic baby booger buster. It’s totally safe (for parents AND baby), so you can say “sayonara” to snotty noses...
  • Pampers Swaddlers Newborn Diapers
    Pampers Swaddlers Newborn Diapers
    Pack of 16 diapers Pamper Swaddler Newborn diapers, Newborn size.  For newborns less than 10 lbs (4.5 kg) Blankie Soft  Suitable for right after birth, 16 diapers will provide around a 2 day supply.  64...
  • Baby Body Lotion
    Baby Body Lotion
    By Weleda. A soothing, nourishing lotion, made with 99% organic ingredients, perfect for moisturizing delicate skin. This light, nourishing and all-natural body lotion is dermatologically proven to be skin-friendly,...
  • Baby Bear Natural Care Kit
    Baby Bear Natural Care Kit
    Keep taking care of your baby naturally after all the hard work you've done to have a natural pregnancy & birth! If you want to avoid using baby care products that have synthetic ingredients and harmful chemicals, this...

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