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After Birth Baths and Herbal Powders

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  • Herbal Afterbirth Bath
    Herbal Afterbirth Bath
    12 ounces. Makes 3-4 baths per bag. This Herbal Bath can be used to aid in healing of Mom's tissues and baby's cord after birth. Ingredients:  Comfrey Leaf Lavender Flowers Shepherd's Purse Uva Ursi...
  • Goldenseal Root Capsules
    Goldenseal Root Capsules
    Nature's Herbs Golden Seal Root grows in rich shady woods and damp meadows of North America.  Goden Seal is a native American plan which was first introduced to early American settlers by the Cherokee Indians...
  • Soothing Herbal Bath
    Soothing Herbal Bath
    A Naturally Healthy Formula, by Shonda Parker. For after-birth healing and relaxation.  12 ounces by weight.  Enjoy your Soothing Herbal Bath with your new baby and let the natural herbs aid in the healing...
  • Herbal Sitz Bath by Wishgarden
    Herbal Sitz Bath by Wishgarden
    In the days and weeks after birth, the vagina and surrounding tissue can be swollen and inflamed. WishGarden Herbs' AfterBirth Sitzbath is an herbal soak made specifically for women post-birth to soothe minor irritations. A...
  • Happy Mama Sitz Bath
    Happy Mama Sitz Bath
    Organic Herbal Bath Blend, by Texas Medicinals. Organic Uvi Ursi Organic Comfrey Leaf, Organic Yarrow,  Organic Sage  Organic Calendula Blossoms Makes 2-6 baths...
  • Herbal Cord Care Powder by Birth Song Botanicals
    Herbal Cord Care Powder by Birth Song Botanicals
    Herbal Cord Care Powder by Birth Song Botanicals contains herbs with antimicrobial, tissue regenerative, and drying properties. Herbal Cord Care Powder expedites the umbilical cord’s natural drying process,...
  • Postpartum Herb Bath by Birth Song Botanicals
    Postpartum Herb Bath by Birth Song Botanicals
    Birth Song Botanicals’ Postpartum Herb Bath Renews Tender Tissues - 8 ounces Postpartum Herb Baths are vital during the postpartum recovery period. Women and babies who bathe in the herbs report a deep sense of...
  • Arkansas Midwife Sitz Bath
    Arkansas Midwife Sitz Bath
    Arkansas Midwife Sitz Bath  Ingredients: Shepherd's Purse, Uva Ursi, Comfrey Leaf, Sea Salt. (Note: Garlic bulb helpful but not included)  
  • Happy Ducts Compress
    Happy Ducts Compress
    WishGarden Herbs' Happy Ducts is a soothing soak for vulnerable tissues. Happy Ducts Compress is a helpful external aid during lactation when lymph and immunity need extra support. Combine this compress with Happy Ducts...

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