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After Birth

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  • Stretch Brief
    Stretch Brief
    For afterbirth comfort and cleaning ease Mesh panties Latex-Free X-Large Made of nylon material 12.5" Long 5" wide Disposable (can be washed) Available by the each or box of 50...
  • Peri Bottle
    Peri Bottle
    Peri Bottle, 8 oz Each - 60 cents Box/50 - $24.00
  • Peri Cold Pack
    Peri Cold Pack
    OB Pad w/instant cold pack inside
  • Deluxe Footprinter
    Deluxe Footprinter
    Deluxe Footprinter. Kleen-print design keeps ink off of the baby foot or mothers finger. Provides 3 ink sections (two newborn feet and one for mother's finger).  Available individually or by the box of 25...
  • Hot/Cold Compress Gel Pack
    Hot/Cold Compress Gel Pack
    Reusable, 5"X10".
  • Abdominal Binder
    Abdominal Binder
    Binder, abdominal: 9"  30-45"  waist 9"  46-62"  waist   12" wide  30-45" waist 12" wide  46-62" waist
  • Recharge Energy Drink with electrolytes, 32 ounce
    Recharge Energy Drink with electrolytes, 32 ounce
    Recharge® Sports Drink is made with R.W. Knudsen Family® brand fruit juice without added sugar or artificial flavors or colors. An all natural sports drink  Made without artificial...
  • Newborn Diapers - Seventh Generation
    Newborn Diapers - Seventh Generation
    Newborn size, up to 10 lbs. 36 diapers.  Seventh Generation chlorine-free unbleached baby diapers are a natural choice when you want the best for your baby. Multiple sizing options, a stretchy back gather, a snug fit...
  • Fridet - The MomWasher
    Fridet - The MomWasher
    Overview Fridet the MomWasher is a peri bottle specially designed to make your post-delivery healing process cleaner and easier, so you’re back to baby faster! Ingeniously designed to be held upside down Narrow...
  • Print-A-Footâ„¢ Rigid Footprinter
    Print-A-Footâ„¢ Rigid Footprinter
    Print-A-Foot™ Rigid Footprinter  ***  NEW PRODUCT  *** Top-of-the-line stability with convenient handling Easy handling for accurate prints Rigid plastic designed for maximum stability and pressure...
  • Mama Koala Postpartum Pamper Kit
    Mama Koala Postpartum Pamper Kit
    Looking for tools to help with a quick recovery after baby? Consider this postpartum pamper kit to easily acquire items you need to help your body heal from the hard work of birth.  Mama Koala Postpartum Pamper...
  • Pampers Swaddlers Newborn Diapers
    Pampers Swaddlers Newborn Diapers
    Pack of 16 diapers Pamper Swaddler Newborn diapers, Newborn size.  For newborns less than 10 lbs (4.5 kg) Blankie Soft  Suitable for right after birth, 16 diapers will provide around a 2 day supply.  64...

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